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How Do I Know If A Tree Needs To Be Removed In Victoria?

The most common indicator that a tree has to be cut down is the appearance.

A tree may need to be removed if it is over growing its space or if it poses a threat to human lift public safety or property.

A dead or diseased tree is a disaster waiting to happen. Falling branch could do a lot of Damage.

Other times a tree will look visually safe and healthy however symptoms and signs that only a Certified Arborist can spot determines the end fate of a tree that should be removed.

Other situations that arise within Victoria are construction and excavation. For example a new house is being built and a tree removal must be needed because it is in the area where the house will be situated; another reason that a tree may have to be cut down is root damage caused by excavation or soil grade changes. It does not take long to notice a severe decline in health and even death within months after these projects have been completed. Inadequate maintenance, poor drainage, soil compaction, under nourished and lack of water are other candidates that contribute to the demise of a tree thus will have to be removed.

Tree removal is usually best left to professional arborist since much of the equipment is dangerous and may require training. If you choose to remove a tree yourself. Follow all safety protocols and make sure you know exactly how to operate the equipment , so that neither you nor your property are injured. Tree removal may require the use of a crane or logistical engineering , in this case the professional arborist should be employed. However you choose to remove your tree, observe all necessary precautions to keep you and your yard safe.

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