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Lawn Barber Victoria offers best lawn service in Victoria

On a regularly scheduled, weekly basis, we tend your lawn with properly trained personnel, and appropriate and well-maintained equipment. This service includes weekly mowing and trimming of all grass areas as well as edging along concrete walks, driveways, and patios every two weeks. Of course, we thoroughly clean up the debris we cause and take the grass clippings with us.

Lawn Sodding Victoria

Clear the area where the sod will be installed.
Rake the soil to remove any sticks and clumps of old grass. If there is live grass under the sod, it will die and rot and poison the roots of the new sod, causing brown spots.
Spray the area with water to moisten the soil. Laying sod down on dry dirt will cause the new sod to die.
Begin laying strips of sod and offset the seams in each row.

Hedging Victoria

From marking your property to protecting your privacy, hedges serve many purposes in the landscape. At the nursery, you are faced with an overwhelming number of choices in hedging shrubs. Consider the maintenance requirements, suitability for your landscape and overall appearance of the shrubs before making your final decision. You’ll enjoy the lasting beauty of a well-chosen hedge for years to come.

Rubbish Removal Victoria

Lawn waste is collected and will be placed in kraft paper bags or approved open-top reusable containers.

Pests and Disease Management Victoria

A dense healthy lawn is the best weed control as the weeds have no place to get started. If your neighbours or your previous lawn had insect problems, check your lawn regularly as control measures may be necessary.