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Lawn Barber Victoria helps you build a fence that suits your home, your needs and you budget.

When building a new fence it is important to have all the facts to help make the most informed decision. We will be happy to help you decide on the type of style and fencing that best meets your needs. Whether you want your fence for privacy, beauty or just as a property line designation, we have the right fence for you.

What to do before building a new fence in Victoria:

  1. Call your Victoria municipality for details regarding digging in your area.
  2. Check Victoria ordinances to see if a permit is necessary.
  3. Also you may need to get prior permission from home association in Victoria BC. Many associations have strict guidelines on the type and high defenses in a neighborhood.
  4. Finally always contact your utility companies in Victoria BC to mark any underground pipes or cables.

3 Factors to Consider When building Your New Fence in Victoria BC:

  1. Function

    A functional fence will not only enhance the security and privacy of your home, but will reduce wind and noise, and prevent your pets from escaping.

  2. Style

    When it comes to style, the right fence will complement your home’s architecture and landscape, but can also add luxury and charm to the overall look of your home. Lawn barber Victoria offers a number of decorative fencing options to choose.

  3. Privacy

    Wood, vinyl and alternative materials are examples of options you might want to consider if you’re looking for more privacy in your home. Other fencing materials such as lattice panels will contribute to making your fence both private and stylish.